Monday, December 4, 2017

Just like shooting a football game..kind of

I was asked to join a friend to photograph the eagles that meet along the Susquehanna river this time each year.   Why not, something I have never done before and always in for trying to capture something new.   Having never photographed birds in flight, I thought I would approach like a football game.  Fast shutter speed and not really knowing the next play.  

Must have been 100+ other photogs with the same idea.  I was definitely not prepared and not the right gear.   Some of the other photographers were serious about their nature photography and it showed with their gear.   My monopod set-up worked OK, and had to make the best with what I have (I guess the best set-up is a Gimbal mount for the long lens).  

For the most part the eagles were not active this day but I was able to get a few.   Looking forward to going again next year.